Fighting of profits America VS China China’s

Fighting of profits America VS China China’s

Article..Khalid Khan 

Fighting of profits America VS China China’s Ministry of Finance has said in a statement on Sunday that the new products used on 128 US products will be applied immediately; Chinese authorities say China will earn $ 3 billion by additional duty on the items included in this list. The tensions between the world’s two largest economies have also affected international markets and market share. China has increased the import duty to 128% of the imported goods by 25 percent. China has made this increase apparently in response to the increase in the production of aluminum and steel imports from China to the previous month. China is a major exporter of aluminum and steel to the United States, and after the decision of the Trump Administration, the trade continues between the two countries. Many countries of the world, including China, warned that if the United States did not withdraw the decision, China would also respond as a response to the increase in import duty on steel and aluminum by the President of the Donald Trump. Extra tax will apply on exports. China’s semi-official newspaper has written that both the US and China are not generally acknowledging that the commercial war between them continues, but the fact is that the war sparks have begun to fly. Following the announcement of the increase in production by the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Sunday, China’s semi-official newspaper ‘Global Times’ has published an article. The editor said that if the US believed that China would not respond to its increase in production or would only take action, America should now come out of this crisis. The United States has lauded the interests of China by imposing additional taxes on steel and aluminum imports, in which China is free to respond responsibly under the rules of ‘WTO’ Said Chines Foreign Affairs. On the other hand America is also facing diplomatic hurdles, American flag is being deported from the US consulate in St. Petersburg, Russia’s city. Russia’s urge has ordered 150 embassies to leave the country, including 60 Americans. The situation between the two countries was intensified after the incident, when the former Russian detective and his daughter living in the UK were poisoned. President Trump also condemned North America’s free trade agreement to endlessly rebel; President Trump has said in a tweet Sunday that there will be no contractual agreement to those immigrants who came to America with their parents in childhood and their status is illegal. They are called alias in the name of dreammars, dreamers. The Daca program was scheduled in the period of former President Barack Obama in 2012 and the current president Trump tried to cancel it last fall. This law was about those who came to America with their parents in their childhood and their parents did not have legal documents. Under this law, they continued to avoid being deported and they were also allowed to work. It is still to come to an end that China will take more aggressive steps in response to this initial tragedy of the US. In fact, China can pay a tax on the American technology company like Apple. And as a result of such a move, the company can increase its product prices to meet its deficit. So the need for this time is that America will try to reduce the stress in the area while taking its lead role. Attshan Ali Abbasi is M Phil Public Policy Scholar, and Writer of Parliament of Pakistan Research Book and World Record holder Pakistani.

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