Revolution with out bloodshed

Revolution with out bloodshed

Citizens Voice Tv :  Ali Baba Khan Whenever revolution comes in the mind of a man it is gun ammunition, but actually this is not, this is destruction. As far as i am concerned with the revolution without bloodshed, to make the humanity get educated aware of goodness and to bring the humanity to touch prosperity. In this way we educate our our generations developed, our economic status male the nation politically strengthen. we can also keep our nation from the terrorism and it’s worst consequences. Recently and still the war is going on in afghanistan, Iraq, Kashmir, Palestine, Yaman, syria, Africa, Burma and many more. we have to play a vital role to bring peace in the war torn countries to mobilise love with the best poetry and music . Music is a field, all type of people come and get together and listen the poetry of humanity with great attention. Actually i selected mysticism because of tolerance. This is also a war against the evil designs. In this way the people are very polite and loving with each other but the way i rejected is the war with gun. In this way warriors damn care about the lives of the people and their properties . Mysticism itself is the name of peace and property to make the people calm and release their frustrations through intellectuality. Our aim is, though it is too difficult and beyond imagination, to keep the humanity far away from the terrorism. We also fight through this way to make them away from intolerance.

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