Pakistan turns down clandestine meeting of Pak, India FMs

Pakistan turns down clandestine meeting of Pak, India FMs

Citizens Voice Tv (Islamabad): Turning down a proposal for a clandestine meeting between visiting foreign ministers of Pakistan and India at the brinks of the ongoing United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) summit session in New York this week, Pakistan has reminded that it wouldn’t be helping for improvement in the situation.

Highly placed diplomatic sources told The News here Saturday that tempers are exceptionally high at the UN headquarters since Pakistan and India are trading barbs and serious accusations against each other publicly. The United Nations witnessed unprecedented fire-work between Pakistan and India during the ongoing session of the UNGA.

Pakistan’s head of delegation and Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi spoke on Saturday evening session of the UNGA as his Indian counterpart Ms. Sushma Sawaraj had already spoken in the day. Both the foreign ministers attained significance in the World Body courtesy to their rhetoric.

The sources pointed out that Indian bureaucrats were actively supporting the proposal for formal meeting between the two foreign ministers during their stay in New York. But Indian delegation wasn’t free to act. Ms. Sushma suddenly called off slated meeting with her counterpart from Pakistan under the direction of New Delhi. The sources reminded that Indian high commissioner for Pakistan Ajay Absaria hinted last Monday here that nothing could be ruled out as the meeting of the two foreign ministers was possible. It is believed that his presumption was on the basis of communication between top representatives of the two countries at the UN.

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