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Japan Visa.First tests for new working visa held in Japan

Japan Visa.First tests for new working visa held in Japan

Citizens Voice Tv(Tokyo). Foreigners seeking jobs in Japan have taken the first tests to be held in the country for a new working visa. The government aims to increase the number of foreign workers in 14 fields with serious labor shortages.

Foreign nationals who pass a language test for daily conversation and a technical exam will be able to obtain the new visa.

The Japan Tourism Agency says 761 foreigners took the hospitality industry’s exam on Sunday.

About 130 sat the exam at a meeting room at the transport ministry in Tokyo, one of the seven locations for the test.

The topics included reception work, etiquette and knowledge of the hospitality business. The examiners played the role of guests in an oral test.

A 25-year-old Bangladeshi man said he is studying in Japan and hopes to get a job.

He says he wants to work at a hotel front desk as he has experience dealing with customers in his part-time job.

The results of the exams will be announced on May 25th.

The tourism agency plans to hold the technical examinations two or three times a year. It predicts that about 22,000 foreigners will begin working in the hospitality sector over the next five years.

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