Japan reports suspected N.Korea ship transfers

Japan reports suspected N.Korea ship transfers

Citizens Voice Tv (Japan). Japan’s Foreign Ministry says it has reported to the UN Security Council about two suspected ship-to-ship transfers involving a North Korean-registered oil tanker.

The ministry announced on Thursday that a Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force ship spotted a North Korean-flagged tanker, YU SON, about 400 kilometers south of Shanghai in the morning of March 20.

The tanker was beside a small vessel of unknown nationality, on which the name of “Qinhuangdao,” a place name in China’s Hebei Province, was indicated.

At midnight on the same day, the tanker was found beside a vessel of unknown nationality that may be different from the small vessel spotted in the morning.

The tanker and these vessels were connected by hoses.

The ministry said it informed China’s government through diplomatic channels that Tokyo is closely watching the situation.

The latest two cases bring to 14 the number of suspected ship-to-ship transfers involving North Korea that have been reported by Japan.

The government maintains that it is essential to firmly carry out sanctions to get North Korea to denuclearize. The government intends to step up monitoring efforts in cooperation with other countries

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