Japan Melania Trump colors fish with kids at Japan digital museum

Japan Melania Trump colors fish with kids at Japan digital museum

Citizens Voice Tv (TOKYO) Melania Trump was perfectly cool Sunday at an air-conditioned interactive digital museum in Tokyo where she drew a purple fish and had it projected on a digital aquarium on the wall, as she and her host Akie Abe, wife of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, joined dozens of schoolchildren while their husbands played golf under the scorching sun.

Melania drew the fish for a girl named Julia, and wrote underneath it: “Julia, Best Wishes, Melania Tump.”

Her autograph became popular, prompting children to line up. The first lady signed on the back of each student’s artwork, along with a message “Be Best!” — her children’s initiative.

The 30 children, third- to sixth-graders at a Tokyo elementary school, were a bit shy when the first lady in a stylish navy blue jumpsuit walked in, escorted by Akie Abe, but one by one they came over to her, and then in groups.

“Nice to meet you. Can you show me what you drew?” Melania asked a boy with a name sticker on his chest saying “Aoi.” He showed her a green turtle with yellow feet, which then they projected on the wall and watched it move around.

Akie Abe colored her turtle pink, with three little red hearts on the back, and signed “Peace” as well as the new imperial era name “Reiwa” that started this month.

The two first ladies also toured other exhibits that included the crystal room and the lamp room, where they stopped to be phtographed

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